The brand Biopolar

Premium quality since 2005

Biopolar is a premium quality brand with look and feel for special occasions. The gourmet products are manufactured by small producers who work handcrafted, according to traditional recipes, for an authentic culinary experience. The packages of our wide range of products have a professional, clear design, and will be an eyecatcher in the freezer.
For Biopolar, we only cooperate with handcrafted producers. We apply very high standards, concerning quality management as well as values.
Only products to which we are 100% committed get to be part of the „Biopolar“ range.
Our products come along with surplus value, such as a full transparency: we name and show our manufacturers on each package.


Who´s behind the brand Biopolar?

We are Ökofrost, a german wholesaler specializing in organic deep frozen products since 1996 and located in Berlin. All the experience and expertise we gathered since our beginnings goes into our two brands. We pick up on trends and are expanding our range continuously and successfully. Our Biopolar products range from salmon fillets to ready meals.

For example, in 2019, sales for our popular pizza assortment increased to more than 600.000 sold pizzas.
For product details, master data, nutritional information, etc., don´t hesitate to contact us.

If you are looking for more products we can recommend our second brand BioCool.
BioCool, that’s a basic assortment with attractive pricing & modern packaging design
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